Timelines For The Faithful - Daniel 12 Study: 1260, 1290, 1335

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This Bible study is designed to give God's faithful Bible students insight on the three timelines of Daniel 12; 1260, 1290, and 1335. These timelines are not relics of the past but were given at the end of the prophetic book of Daniel for those who are living at the end of time. During the mark of the beast crisis when God's faithful go through persecution and ask Him, "How long?" God answers the question by giving these timelines so that we can have the assurance that it won't be long now. Those who are actively looking for the soon return of Jesus Christ are encouraged to hold on a little longer by these timelines and patiently endure until the end. Even though the Bible does not give the exact day and hour of His coming, we are instructed to know when Jesus is "even at the doors:' Understanding these timelines inspire God's people to share this everlasting gospel with more zeal than ever before. They give hope and comfort to the faithful as they await the blessing of the everlasting covenant - the promise of deliverance!

Contents [72 pages] - Author: Cary Rodgers, Jr., pastor of Pathway to Peace Ministries

Ch 1:   Tell Us When
Ch 2:   Even At The Doors
Ch 3:   Knowledge Shall Be Increased
Ch 4:   Daniel Chapter 12 Timelines
Ch 5:   1260: How Long?
Ch 6:   1260: Power of the Holy People
Ch 7:   1260: Purified
Ch 8:   1290: Abomination of Desolation
Ch 9:   Paris Agreement
Ch 10: 1290: Global Control
Ch 11: 1290: Covert Sunday Movement
Ch 12: 1290: Understand The Words
Ch 13: 1335: The Blessing