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Duration: 4 mins 12 secs
"Marred No More" Written by Elene Rodgers. Music arranged and sung by Carlene Rodgers. Powerful message in song. Copyright 2016. By Pathway to Peace Ministries. #potter #Jesus #restored #planofsalvation
THE CREATION SONG - 7 DAYS - Powerful Music Video
Duration: 6 mins 47 secs
The Creation Song "Lord Create Within Me a Clean heart" - Written by: Elene Rodgers. Arranged and sung by Carlene Rodgers. Copyright 2016. Learn the creation days in order in song. Powerful and fun for the whole family!
Jesus Loves Me - Classic - Harp solo and voice for Jesus!
Duration: 2 mins 33 secs
Jesus Loves Me - Classic. Harp solo and arrangement by Carlene Rodgers and child's voice - Nehemiah Rodgers (7).