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Powerful teaching and preaching straight from the Word of God. Get your Bibles and study! Learn more about Bible prophecy, three angels message, seventh-day Sabbath, Ten commandments, abomination of desolation, sanctuary message, second coming of Jesus, how to overcome temptations, present truth, victory over sin, hell, heaven, state of dead, plus more!

Preaching & Teaching

Learn how to reverse diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, obesity and others. Also learn more about the wonders and miracles of the body. Health Talks are based on God's Ten Commandments of Health known as ANEW STARTT. A-ttitude N-utrition E-xercise W-ater S-ushine A-ir R-est Temperance T-ell Somebody.

Health Talks

Learn how to cook plant-based (vegan) foods that will heal, reverse diseases, increase energy and taste great! Each video demonstration includes the recipes! Learn how to make plant-based and no cholesterol foods such as cheese, sweet potato pie, collards, lasagna, breads, Asian foods, burgers, fries, raw foods, dressings, plus much more!

Cooking Demos

Youth Force is a community based youth and young adult ministry of Pathway to Peace Ministries that is designed to "come together and make a difference." Watch or listen to Youth Force Bible teaching series, Rhythm of Rebellion series, street interviews, youth health commercials, video clips from youth Bible and health summer camps plus more! Video & Audio available.

Youth Force Media

Memorize the scriptures and whole chapters through music such as the ten commandments, Psalm 51, Isaiah 58, God's love scriptures, plus much more. Also get heavenly hymns and original songs that will encourage you. Each purchase of either CD or download go towards the various evangelism projects of Pathway to Peace Ministries. Also watch full length music videos.

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LIVE Sabbath Service Streaming STARTS each Saturday between 11:45a & 12p!

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