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Great Controversy Series


1- [Introduction] Great Controversy's Core Message

2- [Ch 1 The Destruction of Jerusalem] A Desolate House Of Thieves Destroyed

3- [Ch 2 Persecution In The First Centuries] Persecuted or Persecutor

4- [Ch 3 An Era of Spiritual Darkness] From Sheep to Beast - The Formation of the Papacy

5- [Ch 4 The Waldenses] Apostate or Remnant

6- [Ch 5 John Wycliffe] True Reformation and John Wycliffe

7- [Ch 6 Huss and Jerome] Are You A True Reformer?

8- [Ch 7 Luther's Separation From Rome] A True Reformer's Gift and Power

9- [Ch 8 Luther Before The Diet] A True Reformers's Weapons of War

10-[Ch 9 Swiss Reformer] Will I Take I Stand?

11-[Ch 10 Progress of Reform In Germany] A True Reformer's Faith

12-[Ch 11 Protest of the Princes] Standing For Present Truth

13-[Ch 12 French Reformation] At The End Of The Cross There Is A Resurrection

14-[Ch 13 Netherlands and Scandinavia] Conform or Reform

15-[Ch 14 Later English Reformers] Power & Light of EVERY WORD

16-[Ch 15 The Bible & The French Revolution] Blind Guides Or The Pool of Siloam

17-[Ch 16 The Pilgrim Fathers] Compromise Forfeits The Promise

18-[Ch 17 Heralds Of The Morning] Are You Blowing The Trumpet?

19-[Ch 18 An American Reformer] American Reformer & Advent Of Christ

20-[Ch 19 Light Through Darkness] Assumptions Leads To Despair

21-[Ch 20 A Great Religious Awakening] Even At The Doors

22-[Ch 21 A Warning Rejecting] Do You Fear God or Fear The People?

23-[Ch 22 Prophecies Fulfilled] Are You Rooted And Grounded?

24-[Ch 23 What Is The Sanctuary] Judgment Time Is Here and Almost Over!

25-[Ch 24 In The Holy of Holies] Most Holy Place Wedding

26-[Ch 25 God's Law Immutable] Law and Character: Image of God or Beast

27-[Ch 26 A Work Of Reform] True Transformation

28-[Ch 27 Modern Revivals] Wake Up To True Sanctification

29-[Ch 28 Facing Life's Record] How Will You Be Judged?

30-[Ch 29 Origin Of Sin] Master of Disaster

31-[Ch 30 Enmity Between Man and Satan] I Will Put Enmity

32-[Ch 31 Agency of Evil Spirits] Angels and Demons: Who Are They?

33-[Ch 32 Snares of Satan] Beware of Satan's Baits and Traps

34-[Ch 33 The First Great Deception] Satan's First Great Deception Is Still Deceiving

35-[Ch 34 Can Our Dead Speak To Us] Protesting The Evil & Opposing The Lie

36-[Ch 35 Liberty of Conscience Threaten] Can Apostasy & Truth Walk In Unity?

37-[Ch 36 The Impending Conflict] The Law Satan Hates The Most

38-[Ch 37 The Scriptures A Safeguard] Holy Anti-Error Protection

39-[Ch 38 Final Warning] Earth's Urgent & Final Warning

40-[Ch 39 The Time of Trouble] Prayer Wrestling & Time of Trouble

41-[Ch 40 God's People Delivered] Final Delivery Timeline

42-[Ch 41 Desolation Of The Earth] Fall Of Babylon & 1000 Years

43-[Ch 42 The Controversy Ended] The Great Controversy Ends